Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster considers joining the police

Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster considers joining the police

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Penny Lancaster

Model and wife of Rod Stewart Penny Lancaster is considering a career change and joining the police force.

Lancaster, who often appears as a panelist on Loose Women, is tempted to become a special constable after training with the police for a Channel 4 show.

Mr Stewart’s wife of 11 years has taken part in Famous And Fighting Crime, and worked on the front lines of law enforcement for the program.

Speaking to The Daily Mail Weekend magazine, Lancaster said training for the show and putting her policing skills into practice has given her a taste for fighting crime.

She said: “I want to do it. I’ve had a conversation with the sergeant and he said they’d love to have me join the force.”

Lancaster revealed that training to join the force would fit into her schedule, but it may not reassure her husband.

She told Weekend magazine: “When he first heard I wanted to do the show he said: ‘Brilliant. You go, girl.’

“But when it got under way and he realized what was involved, he worried more. He’s a worrier anyway.”

During filming for Famous And Fighting Crime, Lancaster was immediately faced with a drug dealer who threatened to stab her, and cornered the suspect after an intense chase on foot.

She spent time working with police in Cambridgeshire for the show, which airs on February 11.



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