Rossum and Macy's Shameless singing


Emmy Rossum enjoys making up funny songs on the Shameless set

Emmy Rossum has revealed how cast members on the US remake of Shameless pass the time between takes: making up rude songs.

The 24-year-old, lauded for her angelic singing in The Phantom Of The Opera, said she and co-star William H Macy enjoyed composing naughty ditties during their downtime.

“Bill Macy brings his ukulele to set and we make up funny songs – dirty songs,” Emmy laughed.

The actress – who plays Fiona, the oldest daughter in the raucous Gallagher brood – said there was an opportunity to flex her vocal chords on the show.

“There’s one scene later in the season where we discover that Bill’s character can play the piano, and we’re all singing ‘I Will Survive.’ But I was instructed to sing poorly,” she added.

Emmy won high praise from William, who plays drunken dad Frank in the Showtime series, adapted from Paul Abbott’s original Channel 4 show.

“Really, the heart and soul of the thing is Emmy Rossum,” he said.

“She does the heavy lifting on our show.”

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