Royal invite? Not me, says Elton


Sir Elton John isn't expecting an invite to the royal wedding

Sir Elton John has said he does not expect to be invited to the royal wedding despite being a close friend of Prince William’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

The musician famously performed an alternative version of his poignant song Candle In The Wind in honour of Diana at her funeral in 1997, held days after she was killed in a Paris car crash.

Sir Elton said: “I think because of my relationship with Princess Diana, people automatically think I’m going to be invited. I’m not invited to the wedding, I would not expect to be invited.”

He added in an article in the Daily Mirror: “I don’t really know the boys at all.”

On the 10th anniversary of the Princess’s death, the singer opened and closed a Wembley Stadium concert organised by William and his brother Prince Harry in memory of their mother.

William will marry Kate Middleton in April and many family, friends, associates and dignitaries will be invited to the ceremony being held at Westminster Abbey.

There will also be a traditional wedding reception and an evening dinner held at Buckingham Palace for a select number.

Sir Elton, 63, added: “I just wish them the happiest of lives together. They seem very happy.

“He’s a really terrific man, William, and he’s going to be a great king.”

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