Ruffalo: Avengers sees new Hulk


Mark Ruffalo reckons The Avengers will show a new side to the Hulk

Mark Ruffalo has revealed on Twitter details of what his new Hulk character in forthcoming mocie The Avengers will look like.

The actor, who in a battle of the superheroes, lost out to The Dark Knight’s Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor at Sunday night’s Oscars tweeted: “I’m not sure on the exact colour. I am pretty certain hair will be black and wild and he will have mostly my features.”

Whilst on the red carpet, Mark hinted at a new direction for his character, telling MTV: “There’s some great Bruce Banner stuff [in The Avengers], kind of a slant on him that we haven’t seen before… he’s introduced in a really great way.”

In his “speech”, he described The Kids Are All Right co-star Julianne Moore as “a film Goddess” and sent his heartfelt thanks to his wife and kids, tweeting: “Thank You Sunrise. My wife and my partner in crime and fun and hard times and joy and sadness in heartbreak and healing and dinners and kids.”

Being grateful for more than just his wife’s dinners, Mark also tweeted his approval of his wife’s red carpet attire saying: “Man she was smoking hot. I was in awe of her. I often am. Couldn’t wait to try and make out with her.”

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