Russell Brand under Katy's thumb


Katy Perry says one of the secret to keeping her marriage to Russell Brand interesting is 'never wearing sweats'

Katy Perry has confirmed she is the dominant force in her marriage.

The Firework singer married British comedian Russell Brand in India in October and told Grazia his claims that he lives under her thumb are true.

Katy said: “Yes, it’s true, he does – but at least it’s a beautifully manicured thumb.”

The 26-year-old I Kissed A Girl Singer also revealed she has plenty of ways to keep former sex addict Russell interested in the bedroom, and confessed she never dresses down, even at home.

Katy said: “I have secrets and magic tricks, of course. I can’t share them because then you’d all know. But let’s just say I’m not shy. And I never wear sweats. Ever.

“I also make sure we have time. We’re both busy but this is a huge part of my life. I call the shots on my schedule. I put in breaks. There are weekends for Russ and weekends for me and my friends. Neither of us ever wants to lose ourself or the other in fame.”

Katy, who says she wants “lots of children” is getting ready to spend her first Christmas with Russell, 35, as a family.

She said: “There will be me and Russ and a pink Christmas tree and a tofu-urkey. We’ll open one present the night before because that’s the tradition in my family.

“And we’ll do something new. We’ll start our own new tradition because we are a family now.”

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