Russia announces ceasefire in Aleppo to allow humanitarian aid in


Russia has announced it is willing to extend a ceasefire in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Authorities had enforced a three hour truce to allow aid into the besieged area – that will now be extended to 48 hours following a plea from the United Nations.

Aid workers are warning that two million people the city have nowhere to hide from bombings.

It comes as the UN marks World Humanitarian Day and President Michael D Higgins says Ireland should be proud of our strong track record of supporting victims of conflicts and natural disasters.

Chief Executive with Trocaire Eamon Meehan has said it’s important we take time out today to remember them: “More than 90% of humanitarian workers actually come from those countries where those disasters are happening.

“I’m particularly thinking at the moment of health workers in Syria, in Aleppo for instance we are facing constant bombardment on a daily basis and who continue to work in the hospitals and clinics; doctors, nurses, other health staff.
“Every day their lives are put at risk, but they are doing it.”

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