Russia Prepares for War? FOURTY MILLION EVACUATED in drill

Russian President Vladimir Putin

In the city of Moscow, 11 million people were evacuated into underground bunkers.

It’s brought many to believe that Russia is indeed preparing for a nuclear war, as the bunkers are told to have space for 40 million personal within the Moscow bunker. So generally, the entire population of Moscow (approx. 11.92m) will survive a nuclear bombing.

This has alarmed most of the western world, and with the most recent ties being cut between the US and Russia due to a breach of the ceasefire within Syria, this has become a major concern.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement, “Unfortunately, Russia failed to live up to its own commitments … and was also either unwilling or unable to ensure Syrian regime adherence to the arrangements to which Moscow agreed.”

The main goal of the drill is to prepare civilians for civil defence services and emergency fire management. In a statement, a spokesman said “The drill will rehearse radiation, chemical and biological protection of the personnel and population during emergencies at crucial and potentially dangerous facilities.”

Once the public are accustomed to these drills then they can be sure that for all natural and man-made disasters

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