Russian Parliament Wants to Ban Fifa For ‘Gay Propoganda’

FIFA 17 (EA Sports)

Fifa 17 could be banned in Russia due to the latest downloadable rainbow jerseys because they promote a ‘gay propaganda’.

The issue seems to be that the Russians aren’t happy about the free downloadable feature which allows players to play in a rainbow flag jersey for the Fifa Ultimate Team feature in the game.

The Russian politicians claimed that the feature was ‘Gay propaganda’.

MP’s from President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party and the Communist Party sent a letter to the authorities.

It said: “The FIFA multiplatform video game, developed by EA Canada, invites users to support the action of the English Premier League’s “Rainbow shoelaces” action — a large-scale campaign in support of the LGBT community.

“Meanwhile, according to the law the ‘protection of children from information harmful to their health and development’ … includes information that promotes non-traditional sexual relations.”


The feature was actually a tie in to Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces Campaign which is trying to stamp out homophobia out of football.

They don’t want to back down either, they say that if the game is not changed they will move to ban Fifa.

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