A Russian start-up company has invented a hoverbike and it looks absolutely insane


A Russian start-up has released a video of its brand new hoverbike, Scorpian-3, and it just looks like a massive drone with a motorbike seat.

The vehicle is a bit more complicated than that though, and the company behind it, Hoversurf, says the machine “employs in-house custom software for full manual and automated control resulting in a thrilling flight experience”.

The vehicle has a 10m altitude limit, but even with its safety features, the proximity of the driver’s legs to four drone propellers makes for a terrifying watch.

Hoversurf is currently working on all sorts of ATaaS projects, which is ‘Air Transport as a Service’ to you and me.

For now, it says the bike is for extreme sports only but that it does have potential for transportation uses.

Slightly safer looking passenger drones may not be far away, with Dubai working to introduce single carrier sky taxis by this July.

The Ehang 184 aerial vehicle will carry passengers on short journeys to destinations they’ve entered into an app, and will be controlled from a central base.

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