Safe sex message for saucy texters


Many people will choose to send a saucy text to their Valentine this year, according to a survey

Many people choose to send their messages of love with a saucy text instead of writing a card for their Valentine, a poll has revealed.

Sexting is so popular in the digital age that a recent survey found 80% of people have received a racy text message.

The poll by Phones 4u, the mobile phone store, found 40% of those they questioned went on to have sex with the sender.

The shop is giving out free Bones 4u condoms in two stores to mark National Condom Day and make sure people are safe when sexts lead to sex.

Russell Braterman, managing director of Phones 4u, said: “Sexting is becoming a modern way of life in today’s society.

“With so many people being self-conscious about expressing themselves sexually, using their mobile phones to sext is an easy way for them to convey themselves without being shy.

“The limited edition Bones 4u condoms will act to encourage people to enjoy sexting, and where it leads, safely.”

Pollsters found 76% of people would rather send a saucy text than make a dirty phone call because it feels more anonymous and 44% have sent a naked picture of themselves to a lover.

532 people took part in the online survey this month.

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