Samsung fix to stop fire borks your battery


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 woes continue, with the company losing over 20 billion dollars in value over the last few days.

In the meantime, it’s preparing to recall over 2 million smartphones from around the world, and putting other measures in place to help prevent further issues with overheating.

One suggestion is that users just don’t turn on their phones, which is a bit unreasonable when people need a handset, and another is a software update which prevents the battery from charging to over 60 percent.

That update is happening on September 20th and at the moment is limited to users in South Korea. Presumably this lower charge limits the possibility of a fire but is really aimed at those users who are refusing to return the handset. Which seems kind of crazy when you know it has a habit of bursting into flames.

At this point, Samsung wants to limit the number of law suits it’s going to be involved with and also ensure the safety of its users. Really if a phone has the potential to be this dangerous it makes perfect sense to look into reducing the risk.

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