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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Samsung Battery

Samsung changes Galaxy Note 7 phone’s production after fresh fire reports

Samsung's crisis with its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone hit a new low on Monday as the company confirmed it has made changes to its...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones ‘catch fire’ in China

Two Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have reportedly caught fire in China in what, if confirmed, would be the first such incidents in that...

US regulators announce official recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phone

US regulators are issuing an official recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phone because of the risk that its batteries can explode or catch...

Samsung fix to stop fire borks your battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 woes continue, with the company losing over 20 billion dollars in value over the last few days. In the meantime,...

Samsung’s share price tumbles over Note 7 smartphone recall

Samsung's share price has tanked as it grapples with a vast product recall following reports its flagship Note 7 smartphone keeps bursting into flames. Shares...

US air passengers asked not to use Samsung phone due to exploding-battery fault

Air passengers in the United States have been warned not to use Samsung smartphones after they have been found to explode. The phones in question...

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