Schwarzenegger for acting comeback?


Arnold Schwarzenegger is eyeing up a new film role

Arnold Schwarzenegger is already eyeing a return to the big screen, weeks after giving up the governorship to California.

The 1980s action man, who had a cameo in The Expendables, is considering an acting comeback in Randall Wallace’s With Wings As Eagles, where he would star as Ostermann, a German soldier in WWII going against orders to rescue prisoners of war.

“Extreme fighting and shooting isn’t possible for me any more – in the future I’ll need to pick my roles according to my age,” he told Austrian site Krone, according to Empire.

“Clint Eastwood did it the same way. In With Wings As Eagles I would play an older soldier, but the script still has all kinds of adventure,” he continued.

Arnie added that he is also looking at two other unnamed screenplays, proving he is pretty serious about a screen return.

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