Schwimmer on MPAA 'double standard'


David Schwimmer reckons there should be a rethink over ratings for US films

David Schwimmer has lashed out at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), claiming they have a “double standard” for giving his film, Trust, an adult R rating.

The Friends star directed the drama about a family trying to deal with every parent’s nightmare: their 14-year old daughter is lured into a meeting with an online predator who rapes her.

The ratings board gave the R certificate because of a scene where the girl’s dad (played by Clive Owen) re-lives the attack in his mind.

“There is no nudity, no overt sexuality other than what needed to be implied for a scene in the hotel room where we learn that a rape took place – I think the scene was tastefully handled,” David told Deadline.

“What I find frustrating is there are plenty of films that get PG-13 that are so violent. There is a double standard. You can’t show nudity or hear the F-word, but you can show people being blown to bits and chopped up.”

He reckoned it’s about time the MPAA got with the times.

“Maybe a public forum will show that the ratings system needs to be updated to reflect the times. It is quite old,” he added.

David has appealed for a rating change but has no plans to alter any scenes so that young people can see it.

“Let’s face it, kids have heard and seen it all. I don’t see Trust as a message movie – it’s a drama that taps into a pressing issue that is important for young people to be able to see,” he said.

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