Scientists behind new fuel believe you could get an extra 21 miles per tank


A new fuel technology which cleans your engine as it is burned could get motorists an extra 21 miles per tank, according to the scientists behind it.

BP Ultimate fuels with Active technology are now available at forecourts across the UK for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

It contains “millions of dirt-busting active molecules” to give motorists a smoother drive and reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance, says BP.

Priscillah Mabelane, UK operations director at BP, said: “We set out to develop a fuel that would tackle the problem of harmful dirt, genuinely support engine performance and help people maintain the health of their car and avoid costly trips to a mechanic.

“What we’ve achieved over the last five years is a new range of Ultimate fuels that not only clean engines but start doing so from the very first fill, whatever the age of the engine and help deliver that all-important fuel economy.”

Dirt in the engine is known to cause reduced fuel economy and a loss of performance.

BP has tested the new fuels in the lab and the real world. It has undergone more than 80 different tests during its five-year development.

The Active technology works in two ways: firstly it drags dirt away from critical engine components; and secondly, it forms a protective barrier against dirt to help prevent future build up.

In tests, the additional mileage per tank was achieved through continued use of the product.

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