Scores of bodies found floating in India’s Ganges River

Police officials standing guard at the banks of the River Ganges where several bodies were found

Scores of bodies have been found floating down the Ganges River in eastern India as the country battles a ferocious surge in coronavirus infections.

Authorities said on Tuesday they have not yet determined the cause of death.

Health officials working through the night on Monday retrieved 71 bodies, officials in Bihar state said.

Images on social media of the bodies floating in the river prompted outrage and speculation that they died from Covid-19.

Authorities performed post-mortem examinations on Tuesday but said they could not confirm the cause of death due to the decomposition of the bodies.

More corpses were found floating in the river on Tuesday, washing up in Ghazipur district in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh state.

Police and villagers were at the site, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from Monday’s incident.

“We are trying to find out where did these dead bodies come from? How did they get here?” said Mangla Prasad Singh, a local official.

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are experiencing rising Covid-19 cases as infections in India grow faster than anywhere else in the world.

On Tuesday, the country confirmed nearly 390,000 new cases, including 3,876 more deaths.

Overall, India has had the second highest number of confirmed cases after the US with nearly 23 million and more than 240,000 deaths.

All of the figures are almost certainly a vast undercount, experts say

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