Scuffles at Trump rally as presidential hopeful attacks Mexicans again


Scuffles have broken out at a rally in Arizona after billionaire Donald Trump launched another attack on Mexican immigrants.

He is trying to drum up support for his bid to secure the Republican nomination for the American presidency next year.

In Las Vegas, Trump told an audience that while he “loves” Mexico and China, both pose a threat to the US.

“You can’t be great if you don’t have a border, no matter what you do,” Trump said at the annual FreedomFest conference.

“And you can’t be great if China is taking all your jobs,” he added.

Trump, who has been under fire for his controversial comments on immigration, was greeted with roars of applause in Las Vegas.

Earlier in the day, Trump assured the Las Vegas audience that he loves China — “How can you not love China when they pay me?” the real estate mogul mused — and that he loves “the spirit” of Mexican people.

However, he added: “They kill us at the border. People flow through at the border, and they send people through that they don’t want.”

Last month, he caused outrage by suggesting many Mexicans migrating to the States were drug runners and rapists.