Secret Santas bring seasonal cheer


Secret Santas in North Carolina are handing out 100 dollar bills to people who look like they need it

Secret Santas are roaming the streets of the US state North Carolina, handing out 100 US dollar handshakes.

The Charlotte Observer reported that the crew of donors, who insist on anonymity, handed out the 100 dollar bills to anyone who looked like they could use it.

Felicia Adams was handed 100 dollars while she was working at a Goodwill outlet store.

She said the money will help her get to New York to visit her father who is dying of cancer.

The donors take thousands of dollars from their own bank accounts to hand out.

It is the fourth year the random acts of kindness have been done in Charlotte.

This year, a half-dozen volunteers from the Charlotte police and fire departments tagged along, guiding the group through the city and suggesting people they could help.

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