Self-driving electric racing robocar unveiled at Mobile World Congress


A driverless racing car that can navigate a track autonomously and reach up to 199mph has been among the latest announcements at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Car firm Roborace revealed its self-driving electric Robocar during the technology convention in Barcelona and said it hopes to one day launch a world championship for the vehicles.

The annual tech show attracts more than 100,000 visitors and has already seen mobile phone brands Nokia and BlackBerry announce new devices, alongside the likes of Samsung, Sony and Huawei.

The Robocar uses on-board navigation systems including multiple radar beacons, artificially intelligent (AI) cameras, speed sensors and laser radars to guide itself, with a computer built by tech giant Nvidia processing millions of operations a second to control it.

The firm’s chief executive Denis Sverdlov said: “This is a huge moment for Roborace as we share the Robocar with the world and take another big step in advancing driverless electric technology.
“It’s not a competition of budget, it’s a competition of intelligence.”

This year’s MWC has seen a notable increase in the number of AI-powered or driverless cars being on show, with Peugeot among the others to showcase a concept vehicle that it claims can react to a passenger’s current mood by communicating with their other devices.

By connecting to the cloud and other connected devices – such as a smartphone or smartwatch – Peugeot claims the car, known as the Instinct, could analyse data such as your calendar and exercise routine and change the seat position, suspension and interior lighting to aid relaxation if you have had a hard day at work or are tired.

Earlier in the technology show, Nokia announced it was relaunching its 17-year-old 3310 mobile phone later this year. The device has no internet access – like the original – but does contain the mobile game Snake.

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