Sex partner 'might have killed spy'


Gareth Williams could have died at the hands of a mystery bondage sex partner, according to detectives

MI6 spy Gareth Williams may have died at the hands of a mystery bondage sex partner he met on London’s gay scene, detectives have suggested.

Investigators said the 31-year-old codebreaker was immersed in the capital’s thriving gay nightlife and had repeatedly visited extreme bondage websites. He also had a secret passion for fashion and hoarded unworn women’s designer clothes worth £15,000 in his wardrobe alongside several wigs.

Police said it would have been impossible for the dead man to lock himself in the holdall where his naked body was found, and forensic evidence indicates other people were in his flat who they have been unable to trace.

But police said it is impossible to say whether Mr Williams was already dead when he was put in the bag or died from suffocation once zipped inside.

Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell said the spy’s secretive private life probably holds the key to his death and that a “small sub-group of the community” may well know something about his final moments but police cannot trace them.

Speaking at New Scotland Yard, Mr Campbell said: “We are very sure that someone else was in that flat. We want to know the circumstances when you would leave somebody in that position, by accident or design. Maybe, by explaining to the public, someone will think: ‘I get it and I can explain.'”

Mr Williams, of Anglesey, North Wales, was found by police at his top-floor flat in Alderney Street, Pimlico, on August 23. His decomposing body was in a large padlocked holdall.

The keys were inside, under his body. Police believe he died in the early hours of Monday August 16 and he was last seen the previous day returning from a shopping trip to Harrods.

Detectives revealed remarkable new details of their investigation as they announced an inquest will be held at Westminster Coroner’s Court on February 15.

Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Sebire, who has led the inquiry, revealed that Mr Williams visited at least five bondage websites in the months before his death, that included extreme videos of people being tied up, constricted and suffocated as well as do-it-yourself guides.

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