Simple Ways To Feed Your Face – Strictly For Men


By Deborah Thomas

It’s very easy to keep beauty tips for women and assume generally that men do not really care about skin grooming. According to several statistics, there is now a sharp increase in the sales of men’s skincare products.

The secret to ageing well is good grooming, and it may sound elaborate but there are very simple ways a man can keep a fresh and young look at all times. Without much effort, simply maintain a daily routine of my skincare tips below and you will find yourself always in demand.

1. Natural Cleansing:

You can call this every fancy name under the sun, nothing beats cleansing the face with water and a mild soap. Our environment and air is getting more polluted and we are now exposed to obscene amounts of car exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and different chemicals that we may not even be aware of. All these layer the skin so much that you can see the grime from just wiping off your face with a handkerchief. A good old wash twice a day removes most of this excess grime. Going a step further by regular use of water based facial wash before going to bed will remove all the other tiny excess grime not easily seen to the eye.

2. Facial Scrub:

This is a must for all men and should never be overlooked. Using a small washcloth or face towel, give your face a 5-minute scrub with some liquid or foam cleanser. This scrub revives your facial muscles and opens the pores that are clogged up with the grime, and the result is a smooth face. A good alternative to the washcloth is using an exfoliating scrub that can remove dead skin cells from the surface in order to reveal new skin cells.

3. Moisturize:

Using the right moisturizer that suits a man’s skin is very vital. No matter your skin type, a simple water based moisturising lotion is very effective. If you shave with a razor then you are probably better off with the alcohol based moisturising lotion.

4. Eyes:

It’s very easy to forget about the eyes and the strains from a long day on computers and smart devices take a heavy toll on the eyes. As you get older these strains become more visible, for example dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. It is recommended to hydrate the eye area with a good eye cream before bedtime on a daily basis to get maximum benefit. Another old natural way of getting rid of puffy eyes is by wrapping a bag of frozen peas with a towel and placing this over the eyes for about 5 to10 minutes.

5. Lips:
Supple and smooth lips are most attractive and regular use of a lip balm is essential. There are several lip balms that are suitable for men and it’s recommended to use one that has added benefits like olive oil or shea butter. These naturally prevent wrinkles and make your lips supple.

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