Slovakia’s prime minister warns against large Muslim presence in his country


Slovakia’s prime minister says his country is not a suitable place for Muslims to live because they could change centuries-long traditions.

In an interview with the local press agency TASR published on Wednesday, Robert Fico said he does not want to have “tens of thousands of Muslims” in Slovakia.

Mr Fico has previously said his government will not allow Muslims to create “a compact community” in Slovakia and that integrating refugees is impossible.

His country is also a vocal opponent of a compulsory EU plan to redistribute refugees in member states and is suing the EU over it.

Mr Fico said that Muslims would change Slovakia’s traditions, which have “been present here for centuries”.


  1. Good for him, the culture of Slovakia will be gone in a few years if this does not stop immediately.

  2. No disrespect to muslims but it is not fair that we have to change our way of lives for them when christians are not even allowed to practice their faith in all the islamic countries. Christians are at risk all over and there is no one reaching out to help them. The face of Europe will be an islamic face within the next 5 years and we will have nothing that we cling on to.

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