SNP election success would entitle them to new independence vote, poll finds

Nicolas Sturgeon Spaeking at Bute House Edinburgh (BBC)

A majority of votersin Scotland believe the SNP would have the right to hold a second independence referendum if the party wins more than half of the Scottish seats in the General Election, a poll has found.

Theresa May has been clear that “now is not the time” for another ballot on Scotland’s place in the UK despite First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s demands for the issue to be put to the people again in the wake of Brexit.

A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times Scotland has found that 52% of voters believe the Prime Minister should not stand in the way of a fresh referendum if Ms Sturgeon makes a manifesto commitment to try to secure one and wins a majority of the Scottish seats.

The latest poll puts support for independence at 45%, the same level as at the time of the 2014 referendum.
However, when voters were asked which constitutional option they backed, slightly more than not told pollsters they supported some form of independence.

The survey found 41% favour independence for Scotland inside the EU while 10% support Scottish independence outside the EU. Some 48% said they would prefer Scotland to remain inside the UK but outside the EU, the Sunday Times Scotland said.

A Panelbase poll conducted for the same newspaper last Sunday found that a third of Scottish voters are backing the Tories. The survey showed 33% backing Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives in general election voting intentions, suggesting they could be on course to win a clutch of new seats in June.
Panelbase polled 1,029 adult voters resident in Scotland between April 18 and 21.

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