Social media firms ‘morally responsible for tackling Covid-19 misinformation’

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Social media giants will be called into UK Parliament to explain how they are tackling misinformation about coronavirus spreading online.

The Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has asked members of the public to send in evidence of false Covid-19 information circulating in their social networks.

Committee chairman Julian Knight said tech giants were “morally responsible” for the information on their platforms and should face penalties if they do not tackle false rumours about the disease.

His committee will haul in social media bosses once Parliament returns from its extended Easter break.

“The deliberate spreading of false information about Covid-19 could have serious consequences,” Mr Knight said.

“Much of this is happening on social media through private channels, putting the onus on friends and family to identify whether the information they are seeing is misleading.

“There have been some shocking examples in recent weeks and we want people to send us what they’ve come across.

“We will call in social media companies as soon as the House returns to explain what they’re doing to deal with harmful content like this to help give people the reassurances they need at this difficult time.”

The Commons is in an extended recess period until April 21 after rising almost a week earlier than planned for Easter on Wednesday night.

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