Someone planted Trump-branded Russian flags at the Conservative Political Action Conference

Donald Trump

No-one’s quite sure where they came from, but slightly familiar flags with Donald Trump’s name on them made their way into the Conservative Political Action Conference during the president’s speech.
People happily waved the flags – but what could they be?

Ahh – that’s right. It’s the Russian flag – and people seemed pretty happy to wave them about.
Many thought it was a hilarious prank by whoever was responsible.

What a way to troll the president.
But not everyone was sure it was a prank – what if someone was trying to promote Russia for real?

As you can imagine, this wasn’t exactly what the organisers wanted, so as soon as they were spotted staff came round to confiscate the flags.

Meanwhile, the president’s speech to the leading conservative group was like a series of greatest hits from his campaign rallies. Everything from the wall to criticising the media and denouncing Hillary Clinton came up. It doesn’t look like the small business of a contraband Russian flag put a dampener on the occasion.

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