Sorkin planning cable news drama


Aaron Sorkin is working on a new show about a cable news channel

Aaron Sorkin says he’s going to give the world of cable news the West Wing treatment.

In a BBC interview, the award-winning screenwriter says he’s created a pilot episode for HBO that takes place behind the scenes at a nightly cable show.

After spending time observing at CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, Aaron hopes to give viewers an appreciation of the “fascinating” work being done.

“The hope is that I can bring the same kind of idealism and romanticism that made government seem sexy on The West Wing to news,” he said.

Aaron, nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay for Facebook movie The Social Network, also admitted to lacking self-confidence and having to “fake it” for directors. He laughed: “There’s a rule that I live by religiously, which is always be the least talented person involved in anything that you’re doing.”

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