Spain’s hospitals are beginning to see patients struggling to breathe returning to their wards, less than two months after suppressing Covid-19.
A military emergency brigade set up a field hospital in Zaragoza this week, although authorities said it is just a precaution.

But it comes after scenes of hospitals filled to capacity and the daily death toll reaching more than 900 fatalities just a few months ago.

People wearing face masks queue up to be tested for Covid-19 in Barcelona

While an enhanced testing effort revealed a majority of the infected are asymptomatic and younger, making them less likely to need medical treatment, concern is increasing as hospitals begin to see more patients.
Experts are searching for reasons why Spain is struggling more than its neighbours after western Europe had won a degree of control over the pandemic.
“The data don’t lie,” Rafael Bengoa, the former health chief of Spain’s Basque Country region and international consultant on public health, said.
“The numbers are saying that where we had good local epidemiological tracking … things have gone well,” he said.

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