Spain’s Princess Cristina facing tax fraud trial

Princess Cristina of Spain

Spain’s Princess Cristina has lost a legal battle to avoid being tried for tax fraud and is expected to give evidence next month in a corruption trial also featuring her husband and 16 other defendants, a panel of judges ruled.

Lawyers for the sister of King Felipe VI, a prosecutor and a state attorney representing Spanish tax authorities earlier this month all said the charges against Cristina should be thrown out because government officials agreed she had committed no crimes and should face at most an administrative fine for tax evasion.
But the judges disagreed, according to a statement released by the court.

Earlier: Spain’s Princess Cristina is to face trial for tax fraud in a corruption case which also involves her husband and 16 other people.

A court official said a panel of judges rejected Cristina’s argument that she should not be tried because a prosecutor recommended she face at most administrative fines.

The 50-year-old princess is the sister of King Felipe VI. She faces two counts of tax fraud carrying a maximum prison sentence of eight years for allegedly failing to declare taxes on personal expenses paid by a property company she owned with her husband, Inaki Urdangarin, an Olympic handball medallist turned businessman.


  1. Fraudster, all that money stashed away in tax havens is still not enough. So happy she got caught.

  2. They are all fraudsters anyway, Spain is broke and could do will all these tax collections. Rich never like paying taxes. Remember the most famous companies do not like paying taxes. Taxes are for the masses.

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