Struggling With Life During This Lockdown? Read This


– By Deborah Thomas

Imagine your structured life suddenly turns upside down in a matter of days and your regular workaholic way of life comes to halt and your smartphone that constantly bleeps stops altogether. You find yourself in a unknown territory that you have not been in years and now you are stuck in your home on your sofa in your living room bored like hell. Ignore the labels and let’s talk about the hypothetical situations.

Addicted to the smartphone

Super Loneliness

It’s time to admit that by now that emptiness and loneliness is creeping and definitely making it imposes to get a goodnight sleep. A single person needs that rather hectic work environment to keep busy and pretend they are seriously fulfilled and definitely don’t need anyone. Going out to work gives you that feeling that you are needed by some people especially if your requires dealing with other people. As sad as this may sound most people have their work completely taking over their lives making it completely difficult to unwind, make new friendships or even appreciate the good relationships in your lives. Many struggle to walk their dogs themselves that they have to pay dog walkers to this this simple task.

For other married couples working away from home is a saving grace as they can’t stand spending more than a few hours together. In most cases they’re talking about bills, children’s school stuff or some type of illness. For some, life is bad that they need going to work to cover up the sadness at home. Now the reality of this lockdown has brought the all the chickens home to roost.

What about those youngsters that truly need to flee from their parents because one of them beats the living daylight out of them whilst the other parent always constantly complains and finds faults in every single opportunity making it unbearable for the children.  Unfortunately, previously going off to school or university or some type of part time job was a life saving act.

Financial Problems

This is a phenomenal problem that has no colour or gender, and as blunt as it sounds the nation is going broke! There has been thousands of job losses up and down the country and many companies have been unable to furlough their employees for a variety of legitimate and illegitimate reasons. Although, Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised the support for companies, but several small companies don’t even have the means to pay their own personal bills let alone furlough members of staff. In as much several companies want to, they have advised to seek zero interest loans to maintain a float. This is a liability many business can not afford and the grants are not coming in.

Closing Down Shops on High Street

The ripple effects of these is just the job losses but the could eventually lead to permanent closures and it just goes in on even after the most need mortgage holiday payments are over. Not only those this lead to destabilisation of the families that are already in debt and struggling survive and this certainly may lead to mental issues, sleeping problems, and bigger societal problems in future.

Obesity Crisis

One major and common lockdown problem is weight gain. Over 50% or more of the population weigh more than before the lockdown and if you don’t trust this figure jump on a scale to check your weight. One thing people are complaining about all around the world is binge eating especially when sitting down watching the television.

Even the most contentious gym junkies are not happy they can’t get their get their regular daily gym workout, and easily pile on the odd extra weight due to lack of activity. One can only imagine how this can quickly get escalated for the vulnerable overweight individuals that need to get out and about but cannot.


All that effort saving our beloved NHS is about to receive a huge dent if there are no urgent interventions to all these problems during this unprecedented period of our lives. There are temporary short term measures / suggested.

1. Running

Go for short or long runs around your block or in the park in daylight. This will be a tremendous boost to your cardiovascular system and will help you sleep better. If you can’t run, go for a long brisk walking system but remember to time yourself to measure how you progress. Always René you are not in competition so do this at your own pace.

2. Reduce Your Computer Screen-time

The world is spending more time online and this much time on our computer screens will eventually take it’s toll on the eyes. One trick is to set time limits on your phones and computers to control your time spent on the screen. It is easier to find something else to do and sometimes it might just be that DIY odd jobs around your home or even emptying out the congested wardrobes and clutter in your home.

3. Financial Assistance

If you are not furloughed presently by your employer, there are lots of other available initiatives currently being offered by the government in form of grants. There are so many conflicting informations on how and where to get financial assistance and grants from. One place to start is your bank to find out what’s available for your circumstance. In the UK, there are meant to be grants of up to £25,000 available for small businesses and other incentives that have been added by the government. A place to start is your local borough website to check on what grants are available and how you can get it. If you are struggling, call their helpline to see if there is so for you.

4. Call A Registered Helpline

If you are alone and have no one to talk to and need help contact your local council to to get the appropriate organisation to speak to about your problems. There are several registered helplines to contact for different problems and it is very important to call a safe and legitimate line. A good way to start is to visit the website and check out registration and credentials to ensure you are calling a safe and registered organisation. Do nit give out your address or important information until you know that it is safe to do so.

5. Reduce Snacking

Snacking is the worst enemy of any trying to lose weight. An effective method is snacking with fruits gradually to no snacking at all. Fruits have less calories that all the snacks like crisps, biscuits and chocolates. Start recording the calories of your daily snack intake and don’t be put off because you think it sounds sad or stupid. Try these for 3 months and it will become a habit. Also, this gives yoy something extra to do during this lockdown period.


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