Suicide blast hits Kabul complex


At least two people have been killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan

An explosion in a Kabul shopping and hotel complex has killed at least two people.

It marks the second attack in less than a month inside the heavily-secured Afghan capital.

Initial reports indicated that a suicide bomber struck inside the building known as the Safi Landmark.

“We have reports that there was a suicide attack – one person blew himself up – and other insurgents went into the building,” said a police spokesman..

The victims were thought to be two guards.

Government officials, businessmen and foreigners regularly hold meetings at the Safi Landmark.

It was heavily damaged a year ago when suicide attackers struck two residential hotels nearby, killing 20 people, including nine foreigners.

After that attack, shops at the centre, which sell jewellery, electronics and clothing, were closed for months.

It is the first bombing in the capital since January 28 when a suicide attacker blew himself up at a Kabul supermarket, killing eight people.

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