Summit planned to deal with refugee crisis in Europe

European Central Bank, EU, Flag

A summit to deal with the refugee crisis is being planned by the European Union’s executive.

A statement from EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker’s office said “there is a need for much greater co-operation, more extensive consultation and immediate operational action”.

Nations invited to attend are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

The announcement came as refugees from the Middle East and Africa continue to make their way across Europe by the tens of thousands, fleeing war or seeking a better life. Many of the arrivals attempt to enter the EU through the Balkans.

The statement from Mr Juncker’s office said the meeting of heads of state and government, to be held on Sunday, is necessary because of “the unfolding emergency in the countries along the Western Balkans migratory route”.

“The objective of the meeting will be to agree common operational conclusions which could be immediately implemented,” the EU Commission statement said.

It said officials from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees have also been invited to attend, as well as officials from the EU’s own border protection agency and asylum office.

More than 20,000 migrants have entered Slovenia since Saturday when the refugee route toward Western Europe switched towards the Alpine nation. Dozens of migrants, including women and small children, forded a river in the cold of the night while crossing from Croatia to Slovenia.

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