Sutherland: I get offered old roles


Donald Sutherland doesn't think he's a victim of Hollywood ageism

Donald Sutherland insists he doesn’t expect to be offered starring roles now that he is 75.

The Don’t Look Now star doesn’t feel he is a victim of ageism in Hollywood, and reckons there aren’t many lead roles for men of his age.

Donald said: “I’m offered old roles. A 75-year-old guy is not going to be the star of a movie, not a lot. Maybe once.

“But no, I get offered roles of old guys and guys who die.”

The actor plays Harry in new action film The Mechanic – a mentor to an assassin played by Jason Statham, who dies at the beginning of the film. Donald admits most of his characters don’t survive his movies these days.

He joked: “Harry doesn’t survive. Donald never survives.”

But he admitted he’d like to get a role in which he survives for once.

Donald said: “Please I would like to live all the way through – but regrettably my job in life now is, I’m 75, I come in and say how do you do I’m fine but I have a terminal disease. Cut.”

::The Mechanic is released in cinemas on January 28.

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