Syrian conflict worst humanitarian crisis since World War 2 says leading analyst


A leading analyst on the war in Syria has said the conflict is the worst humanitarian disaster since World War two.

Professor Fawaz Gerges, of the London School of Economics says our failure to stop the Syrian conflict is “a stain on the conscience of the international community”.

His comments follow a warning that food supplies in the besieged Syrian town of Aleppo will run out in just over a month’s time.

Authorities put in place so-called humanitarian corridors over the weekend but less than a few hundred people have made the crossing.

Professor Gerges says citizens of the city are terrified it’s a trap: “You have more than 200,000 people and many of them are terrified.

“What are the legal guarantees that they will be treated well after they leave Aleppo?

“In fact the opposition calls the humanitarian corridors ‘the deaf corridors’ the United Nations is not really very sure that the civilians that leave Aleppo would be treated fairly.”

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