Taylor Swift dresses for success


Taylor Swift enjoys award ceremonies because she can dress-up

Taylor Swift relishes the perks of her job.

The singer-songwriter said that she enjoys the glamour – dressing-up and make-up – that goes hand-in-hand with award ceremonies.

“When I’m in Nashville, I feel like I can go natural and not really worry about it, but I generally love make-up and I love dress-up,” she said. “That’s why award shows are so much fun for me. I’d never wish away make-up and getting all dolled up.”

Taylor said one of the best perks of her job was having the door open into the fashion world.

“I went to the Met Gala with Ralph Lauren! It was an amazing time, an enchanting night”, she said. “I got to wear a white gown like a wedding gown from one of his collections.”

The 20-year-old said of her own look: “I go through phases. When I was recording my new album, I wore a side braid on the left side every day. It just seemed to be the only style that seemed like the right one at the time.

“Then there was a phase when I’ll pin my hair in elaborate updos. In wintertime, I’ll usually straighten my hair, and in the summertime and spring, I wear a lot of headbands. In the fall, I wear a lot of knit beanies.”

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