Tests due to reveal how Joanna died


Joanna Yeates was last seen alive on December 17

The grieving parents of Joanna Yeates are expected to discover the results of a post-mortem examination which will reveal how the young landscape architect died.

The 25-year-old’s snow-covered body was found by dog walkers in a quiet lane just three miles from her home on Christmas morning.

But the frozen condition of her corpse meant pathologists could not immediately examine it – leaving detectives and family members with an agonising wait to find out her cause of death.

Miss Yeates, from Clifton, Bristol, had been missing for eight days when her clothed body was discovered on Longwood Lane, close to Bristol and Clifton Golf Club, in Failand, North Somerset.

She was last seen alive on December 17 when CCTV showed her in a Tesco store on her way home to her flat in Canynge Road.

Miss Yeates’ body was formally identified by parents David, 63, and Theresa, 58, who on Monday made an emotional visit to the site where she was discovered.

The distraught pair, who were joined by a small clutch of family members that included their son Chris and the daughter’s boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, laid a bouquet of yellow roses with a picture of their daughter on her graduation at the scene.

Forensic investigators have been examining the site since the tragic discovery in an attempt to find clues about her suspicious death. Detectives are also examining CCTV footage from Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol, which is on the main route from Miss Yeates’ house to where she was found on Christmas Day.

Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford said: “We have not stopped working hard throughout the Christmas period to find their daughter after she was reported missing. Now we will work just as hard to discover exactly what happened to her and how she came to be in Longwood Lane on Christmas morning.

“Until the post-mortem examination is able to firmly establish how Joanna died, we are keeping an open mind about the cause of her death. However, I would appeal to anyone with any information whatsoever that can help this investigation to please come forward and help us provide Joanna’s parents with the answers they so desperately want and need.”

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