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The Perfect Proposal

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Proposing to a loved one is a big deal especially if you are not sure of what the response might be. With finances becoming tougher, it is easy to panic and shy away from proposing even after being together for several years.

You are faced with how much money to spend and how best to ask your partner and the perfect place to propose. All the stress makes many forget the real reason for proposing; Love.

The Perfect Proposal does not necessarily have to be complicated and expensive. Most people only have this experience once in their lifetimes. If you are planning to do this on Valentines Day or any time soon, forget about the nerves and stress and simply read through our tips for The Perfect Proposal.

1. Be Personal: Many women feel their partners or lovers never listen enough to them or do not really know what they want. This is the perfect opportunity to surprise her by planning a lovely evening doing what she loves the most. By so doing you will have already got your perfect moment to pop that question. Dropping the proposal ring in her glass of champagne is always a winning style.

2. Get Luxurious: If money is no object, then you might want to plan a romantic weekend away starting out with an evening full of fun, fine wining & dining and lots of hot salsa dancing. This heats up the situation more and sets the mood right. The next day, after breakfast, go for a stroll along the shore or a riverbank and then choose that moment to propose.

3. Be Creative: If your partner is the indoor type, you might want to get as creative as possible. A good example is to start out with little love sticky notes in the different spots of your home that she has to see. Each sticky love note should have a little clue that will lead to the next sticky note.

Place the first sticky note on the mirror in the bathroom in the morning and the next on the jar of milk in the fridge with another little romantic message that will make her mind melt. These romantic sticky love notes would be very effective especially if you place them on those little things that you know she cannot do without in a day.

Finally, offer to cook dinner and then as you are about to have desert, preferably a slice of chocolate cake, place your proposal ring next to the cake. The success rate for this style is usually very high.

4. The Traditional Style: Simply known as the knee-bend, this has been on going for several years. Take a deep breath, be spontaneous and just go for it when she is laughing or relaxed. This could be in private or in the presence of family and friends. The spontaneous display of affection is a big plus because many women love to be shown affection publicly.

5. Party Proposal: This can very tricky but can also be perfect if planned out properly. Pre- arrange with the host of the party that you would like propose to your partner as a surprise. Get her sitting down, excuse yourself briefly and simply walk up to that microphone to announce this proposal. This makes this a Perfect Proposal that will be hard to refuse.

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