Thousands attend anti-Trump protest in London

Thousands attend anti-Trump protest in London


Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets to call on British Prime Minister Theresa May to end her “collusion” with Donald Trump.

Demonstrators urged her to withdraw her controversial invitation of a state visit to Trump and denounced his travel ban as “racist”.

As we’ve come to expect from such protests, the sign game was strong.

The crowds marched down Park Lane – filling the length of the street – and along Piccadilly towards Downing Street.

In a video message played to the thousands gathered on Whitehall, Jeremy Corbyn said Trump’s state visit invite “should be withdrawn until the executive orders are gone and every element of them repealed”.

The Labour leader said: “I support the campaign of millions of people in Britain that Donald Trump should not be welcomed on a state visit to this country.”

This isn’t the last anti-Trump protest that the UK will see – a “Stop Trump” protest is planned in Parliament Square for February 20: the day MPs will debate Trump’s planned state visit.

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