Thousands gather to protest outside Benjamin Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem

Israel protesters outside netanyahu

Thousands of demonstrators filled the streets near the official residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in central Jerusalem on Saturday night, as summer-long protests against Israel’s leader maintained their momentum.

Throughout the summer, thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets, calling for Mr Netanyahu to resign, protesting against his handling of the country’s coronavirus crisis and saying he should not remain in office while on trial for corruption charges.

Saturday’s protest comes ahead of a deadline on Tuesday when the coalition government must agree on a budget plan or trigger new elections that would be the fourth in just over a year.

Ignoring police suggestions for alternative routes, the protesters marched from several parts of Jerusalem through key roads trying to reach Mr Netanyahu’s residence on Balfour Street.

Outside the residence, they hoisted giant balloons depicting smeared heads of the leader and his rival-turned-coalition partner Benny Gantz of the centrist Blue and White party, waved Israeli flags and the black flag of one of the grassroot protest movements.

A sign read “Balfour is in our hands,” referring to the residence address, while other signs called on Mr Netanyahu to quit and a placard described him as the “Crime Minister.”

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