Tintin comic book art breaks auction record at 2.6m euros

Tintin, Blue Lotus, Art, Belgium

A Tintin drawing by Belgian artist Herge has sold in Paris for 2.6 million euros (£2.3 million), breaking the record for the most expensive comic book art.

The 1936 work in Chinese ink, gouache and watercolour was destined as a cover for The Blue Lotus, the fifth volume of the adventures of Tintin, the young reporter created by Herge.

The work features a red dragon on a black background by the frightened character’s face.

It never graced store shelves because it was too expensive to reproduce on a wide scale, a victim of the artist’s craftsmanship.

In Blue Lotus, Tintin travels to China during the 1931 Japanese invasion with his dog Snowy, to investigate and expose Japanese spy networks, drug-smuggling rings and other crimes.

The record price set at Thursday’s sale, organised by the Artcurial auction house, did not include auction fees.

Work by Herge, whose real name was Georges Remi, previously set the record for the most expensive pieces of comic book art with the front pages of Tintin comic books that also sold for 2.6 million euros, including auction fees.

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