Trump acquitted of all charges in impeachment trial; Mitt Romney votes to convict President


US President Donald Trump has been acquitted of all charges by the Senate, bringing an end to only the third presidential impeachment trial in American history.

The outcome capped nearly five months of impeachment proceedings launched in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, ending in Mitch McConnell’s Senate, and reflective of the nation’s unrelenting partisan divide three years into the Trump presidency.

No president has ever been removed by the Senate, and Mr Trump arrived at the Capitol for his State of the Union address on the eve of the vote eager to use the tally as vindication, a political anthem in his White House re-election bid.

With chief justice John Roberts presiding, senators swore to do “impartial justice”, stand at their desk for the roll call and state their votes – “guilty” or “not guilty.”

On the first article of impeachment, Mr Trump was charged with abuse of power and on the second, obstruction of Congress.

Utah Republican senator Mitt Romney voted to convict Mr Trump.

Mr Romney called Mr Trump’s actions “perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of oath of office that I can imagine”.

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