Twins shooting 'was suicide pact'


The double-shooting of Australian twin sisters that left one of the women dead was a suicide pact, investigators said after interviewing the surviving sister.

The 29-year-old sisters, who have not been identified, had been in the Denver area in the US for about five weeks before going to a shooting range on Monday, the Arapahoe County sheriff’s office said.

Captain Louie Perea said the surviving sister told officials the two planned to commit suicide together and they shot themselves at the range. He said physical evidence and video surveillance footage backs up the claim.

It wasn’t immediately known why the women decided to commit suicide.

Surveillance video at the range captured the sisters falling out of the stall about half a second apart, with other patrons quickly reacting.

The women are from Victoria state in south-east Australia and the women’s relatives are set to arrive in Colorado later.

It’s not clear what the women were doing in the United States. Capt Perea said no one had come forward to say they knew the sisters.

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