Two companies linked to UK coronavirus response hit by cyberattacks

Cyberattack on Coronavirus Company website

Two companies involved in building emergency hospitals for the coronavirus outbreak have been hit by cyberattacks.

Outsourcing giant Interserve, which recently supported the NHS in building Birmingham’s Nightingale Hospital, confirmed it had been the target of an attack earlier this month.

Construction firm BAM Construct UK has now also confirmed it has been the subject of a “significant cyberattack”.

Interserve holds crucial Government contracts for a range of services in prisons, schools and hospitals, while BAM Construct was involved in the construction of the Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber in Harrogate.

BAM Construct said the incident had had no operational effect on the Nightingale hospital or any other of its construction schemes.

The incidents come after a joint advisory from the cybersecurity agencies in the UK and US warning that organisations linked to the response to Covid-19 were being targeted by cybercriminals.

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