Two hurt in Stockholm car blasts


Two car explosions have shaken central Stockholm

Two explosions have shaken central Stockholm, injuring two people and causing panic.

Police spokeswoman Petra Sjolander said a car exploded on Drottninggatan, a busy shopping street in the centre of the city, injuring one person.

Shortly afterwards, a second explosion was heard higher up on the same street, and a man was found injured on the ground, she said.

Police said it was unclear what caused the second explosion.

Rescue services spokesman Roger Sverndal said the car that exploded contained gas canisters.

Another rescue services spokesman, Bengt Norberg said two people had been taken to the hospital with injuries.

Gabriel Gabiro was inside a watch store on the opposite side of the street of the second explosion when it went off and saw people running from the site.

“I saw some people crying, perhaps from the shock,” he said. “There was a man lying on the ground with blood coming out of his belly, and with his personal belongings scattered around him.”

“It shook the store that I was in,” he said of the blast. “Then there was smoke and gunpowder coming into the store.”

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