UK Govt agrees to publish Brexit plan before triggering exit process

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The British Government has agreed to publish its plan for leaving the EU, before triggering the exit process.

It has accepted a Labour motion which demanded Parliament should know the UK’s aims ahead of the invoking of Article 50.

A government amendment tabled in Theresa May’s name also challenges MPs to “respect the wishes” of voters in the referendum and calls on Article 50 to be invoked by the 31 March 2017.

The British Prime Minister will hope the move fends off a potential Commons rebellion as up to 40 Tory backbenchers were thought to be ready to back a Labour motion calling for her to set out her Brexit plan.

An amendment in the name of Mrs May will accept the Labour motion, allowing potentially rebellious Tories to back it, prominent Eurosceptic Steve Baker revealed in a tweet.

But it will also challenge them to “respect the wishes” of voters in the referendum and call on the Government to trigger Article 50 by the end of March – in accordance with the timetable set out by the PM.

A Downing Street spokesman stressed that the amendment was “a separate issue” from the Government’s Supreme Court battle to overturn a ruling that it should obtain Parliament’s approval before triggering Article 50.

The spokesman added: “The Prime Minister has been clear that we will set out our plans in due course. That remains the position.

“We won’t be showing our negotiating hand until we have to, but we have not suggested we will not set out the position. That’s what the amendment goes to.”

Mr Baker urged his Tory colleagues to back the amendment.

He told the Press Association: “Every Conservative MP should respect the result by voting with the Government on this excellent amendment to trigger Article 50 on the Prime Minister’s schedule.”

Mrs May’s move also allows Tories to back Labour’s motion, which acknowledges that some elements of the negotiating position should remain secret but urges the Prime Minister to “commit to publishing the Government’s plan for leaving the EU” before triggering Article 50.

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