UK petition calling for second EU referendum has 77,000 fake signatures


Almost 80,000 fake names have been removed from the ‘second EU petition after they have been found to be fraudulent.

The House of Commons Petition Committee removed 77,000 signatures which they believe were added fraudulently.

A UK petition calling for a second EU referendum now has more than 3.1 million signatures.

It will have to be debated by parliament, as it has surpassed the minimum 100,000 required.

It has emerged the petition for a second referendum on EU membership, was set up by a leave campaigner a month ago when he thought his side would lose.

Oliver Healey claims the remain camp have “hijacked” the document on the UK government website.

However, the House of Commons petitions committee said it is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with the petition.

And the British Prime Minister David Cameron has already said there will be no second vote.


  1. These people have no respect for democracy at all. Are we turning into Zimbabwe or Congo? I am still shocked that they can even think this. The petition is full of fake signatures from Vatican City and several countries all over the world. This is a real joke!

  2. The Remain voters should accept the decision and move on. There is no need for another referendum and we just have to move on.

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