Ukraine hits back at ‘toxic ex’ as Russia reminisces on Soviet rule


Ukraine has described Russia as a “toxic ex” after the nation’s official Twitter account shared images of the “good ol’ days” of the Soviet Union.

“Many #Ukrainians still remember the good ol’ days, when #Soviet Ukraine was the #USSR’s breadbasket, as well as a popular health #tourism destination & industrial center,” Russia tweeted, sharing photos from the time.

“A lot of that, and much more, is available in #Russia’s #Crimea today.”

In response, Ukraine highlighted the post by posting: “toxic ex here”.

Ukraine achieved independence from the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in 1991 when the state was dissolved.

It had been part of the bloc since the 1920s after Soviet Russian forces overran the country and millions of Ukrainians died of starvation under the control of Joseph Stalin – a crime for which the leader was posthumously found guilty of genocide.

Since 2014, Russia has been in conflict with its neighbour after the superpower invaded and annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region.

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