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Understanding The Tier System of Restrictions in England

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By Deborah Thomas

England will be coming out of a full lockdown on the 2nd of December but unfortunately there are stricter restrictions to follow immediately. With most of the population experiencing serious fatigue as they watch their businesses collapse and lives crumble.

The worst hit sectors namely hospitality, small businesses, arts and sports. As much as the country will like to thank the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak for his immediate response the first time around, unfortunately there serious casualties that cannot be redeemed. The question the nation is now asking the PM Boris Johnson is that does this Tier System form of restrictions work? As it seems quite controversial and we might just keep going in and out of these restrictions without an end in sight.

3 Tier System

Tier 1 – Medium Alert

Tier 1

This is the lowest alert level in England where the R rate is lowest in the country and will only apply to around 1% of the population. These areas in England listed below:

South East
Isle of Wight

South West
Isles of Scilly

Tier 2 – High Alert

Tier 2 – High Alert

Majority of Towns and Cities in the country are in Tier 2.

Tier 3 – Very High Alert

Tier 3 is the strictest of all the restrictions.

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