US financier Jeffrey Epstein arrives at court for bail hearing

Jeffery Epstein is charged with sexual abuse.
Jeffery Epstein

US financier Jeffrey Epstein has been brought to his New York bail hearing from a nearby federal jail where he has been held since his arrest over abuse charges.

Epstein’s lawyers are asking a judge in Manhattan to grant him house arrest. They say he is no threat to flee.

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Prosecutors say the well-connected Epstein is a flight risk. They say several more women have contacted them since Epstein’s arrest to say he abused them when they were under-age.

At least one of Epstein’s accusers was seated in the courtroom during the hearing.

Prosecutors say they worry Epstein will try to influence witnesses if he is not incarcerated on sex trafficking charges.

Epstein’s lawyers say he has lived a law-abiding life since pleading guilty to Florida solicitation charges in 2008.

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