'Virtual court' for drink-drivers


Kent Police have unveiled a scheme where suspected of drink-drivers are dealt with in a virtual court

A police force has launched a new way of dealing with those suspected of drink-driving which sees them dealt with in a virtual court within hours of being arrested.

Kent Police said four people have been arrested under the scheme since its launch at the beginning of the month.

Anyone caught under the influence has their case heard in the virtual court, which connects North Kent police station with Medway Magistrates’ Court by video link.

Those who are guilty are dealt with immediately, meaning they could have their licence taken away through disqualification that same day.

Usually those arrested and charged with the offence are bailed for 15 days until they appear before a local magistrates’ court and are still permitted to drive within the period.

The scheme is only being carried out in the north of Kent but it is likely to be introduced to other areas.

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