Weight loss In The Holidays


Shake Things Up This Season with a host of fitness and nutrition trips that you can count on. Folks, getting strong not skinny should be your agenda. We all know the feeling of being stuffed like a turkey after the holidays if you have been partying with kith n kin. The after holiday effects can be a huge task, to shed the extra pounds you are carrying which shows on your hips, thighs and mid section. We are literally in the new year and this is how you can debunk and bounce back from the food binge while you are still in your holidays at home. So here’s to loosing weight, looking fit and feeling energetic.

Expert – Ashdin Doctor of Fitterbee gives us ways to a fitter you post the Xmas, New years parties and holidays. 
Nutrition Trends:

_hcs5037 Death of Diets
Stop counting calories! Science has proven that calorie restriction diets do make you lose weight (infact all diets do) but they cause more damage with the body’s metabolism or the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Instead there is a trend towards different forms of fasting! Intermitent fasting (fast for 16 hrs a day), Single day fasts, etc. I lost 15 kilos while intermitent fasting.

“Packaged Health foods” will have more healthy fats, instead of advertising as “Fat-free”. Fats have now been given a green signal to consume. They are good for the heart, brain and (believe it or not) fat loss. The inclusion of coconut oil, butter, olive oil and ghee in our food.

Living No Sugar! There is a sharp increase in awareness about sugar and just how bad it is. With Jamie Oliver charging a sugar tax at his restaurants. This is also a personal crusade of mine. Take up the 100 day no sugar challenge after the holiday indulgences.

Movement away from institutionalised gyms towards group classes, as social interaction becomes a key element of enjoying workouts in 2017
Movement away from one hour long boring “cardio machine” workouts; towards more efficent (20 mins) HiiT, Tabata style high intensity training
Fit Moms, inspiring others and starting up micro fitness businesses
Calisthenics and skill based fitness training for people exploring what their bodies are really capable of

The old trend of diets and counting calories will be replaced by different forms of fasting. Like intermitent fasting, one day fasts, water fasts, bone broth fasts, etc. This is easier to do and has numerous health benefits.

_hcs5503Increase in healthy fat consumption, like coconut oil, ghee, olive oil. Decrease in “Fat free” packaged products.

Sugars will become public enemy No.1. The movement has started with Jamie Oliver charging a sugar tax at his restaurants. This is also a personal crusade of mine.

Cdr R. Mahesh (Co-founder of Sirius Sports, professional athlete, Arjuna Award Winner, multiple Asian Games medalist) shares his views on the fitness in the holiday season.  ‘’The adventurous and lover of the outdoors will seek to test his skills of stamina, endurance by spending more time on the water – be it on a sailboat, kayak, surfing or even a speedboat.  With such a rich and diverse coastline, Indians are definitely keen to explore what the water offers..the calming influence of the sea is very difficult to beat.  On the other end of the spectrum, in an effort to get people to move off their chairs, specially the corporate folks, with the advent of high rise buildings all over the country – a Tower Run – where people run up and down steps in teams / as a marathon will ensure that people start moving and get addicted to climbing stairs.  This will be a sure fire way to stay fit – climb stairs!  

Our Quick tips-

  1. Set Goals.
  2. Choose the right breakfast.
  3. Keep eating at regular intervals, with healthy snacks in place.
  4. Food substitutes, opt for honey or jaggery instead of white sugar and ginger or cinnamon for spicing up.
  5. Go vegan, all natural fruits and vegetables are your best bet.
  6. Bananas, popcorn and carrots are healthy fillers.
  7. Steer clear of sweetners or diet sodas or diet food.
  8. Most importantly, walk, yoga, run, get active and mobile.
  9. Sleep your usual 8 hours.

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